Tired of the same old chocolate boxes, caramel popcorn, and predictable hot cocoa mixes? We get it. It’s time to shake up the corporate gifting game. Why settle for the ordinary when you can give a gift that your employees will truly cherish? Choose a present that carries a story, champions sustainability, and stands tall for women in business. Let’s elevate our gifting game and make each present count.

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Why Choose Us for Wholesale Corporate Gifts?

All our products are made with love and backed by science. We take great care and pride in the production of products, and that they are created with the well-being of women in mind. “Backed by science” means that the products have been rigorously tested and have been proven to be effective through research and experimentation. Our approach of using both human touch and scientific approach ensures that the products are of high quality and reliable.

We wear our WBENC certification as a badge of honor, a symbol of our commitment to excellence and empowerment. When you choose to do business with a WBENC-certified company, you're doing more than just making a purchase or securing a service. You're making a statement, championing a cause, and fostering a broader movement in the business world. Here's why supporting WBENC-certified businesses matters:

  • Promoting Gender Equality: Advocating for a more inclusive economy.
  • Driving Economic Growth: Bolstering the U.S. economy and job creation.
  • Encouraging Corporate Responsibility: Reinforcing corporate diversity commitments.
  • Fostering Innovation: Valuing the unique perspectives women entrepreneurs bring.
  • Empowering Future Generations: Paving the way for tomorrow’s female leaders.

Asterli- The perfect Self Care box

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Phlorena Luxury Self Care Gift Box
Self Care Box

What's Inside it?

All-natural products in a hand-packed gift box. Ideal for your wholesale corporate gifting needs

Luxury selfcare gift box

People Say The Nicest Things

When it comes to wholesale corporate gifts, the buzz is real about our offerings. Many businesses have discovered the unmatched joy and value we bring, making us a top choice in the corporate gifting world

Jeniffer Smith

HR Manager

This gift was ideal for our women’s empowerment event – what better way to present gifts crafted by women for women?

Pamela Duncan


Receiving Asterli’s corporate gift box with a focus on a self-care kit was such a thoughtful gesture, especially for a new mom like me. It meant a lot more to me than the typical chocolates or flowers.

Omna Jones

Head of Corporate Communication

People discuss mental health often, but rarely offer tangible solutions. Just unboxing the Asterli set filled me with joy. Absolutely love it!

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