Set of 2 Wood Therapy Tools: Wooden Dice Massage Roller & Paddle Massager for Contouring

Set of 2 Wood Therapy Tools: Wooden Dice Massage Roller & Paddle Massager for Contouring


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  • 2 IN 1 MADEROTHERAPY KIT: Contains 2 of our best-selling body shape massage tools: wooden lymph scraper and massage roller stick, they are the most effective lymph and fat massage tools. It can effectively remove fat, relieve muscle soreness, and give you a deep muscle massage.
  • EFFECTIVE: Body Sculpting Massage Tools give you a good skin care, reduce lines and wrinkles, helps to relax your muscles to promote blood is designed according to the body structure, which can help you massage your arms, legs, thighs, hips, loins, and bellies and other body points to make you look younger and younger. More dynamic.
  • GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH: Wood therapy has many health properties for different types of public such as sedentary workers who may spend long hours sitting where local fat will accumulate and make your muscles ache, so it will be a good ally to get rid of pain and tension, improves circulation.
  • PROCESSIONAL GRADE: These high-quality of this Wood lymphatic drainage tools are used and recommended by professionals. Whether you are a lymphatic drainage provider, a high-intensity athlete, or an active person who needs muscle relaxation, it will help you recover the problem area.
  • PERFECT FOR GIFT: Suitable for fitness people, office workers, masseurs, athletes, therapists, coaches, etc. suitable as gifts to family and friends who love sports or need massage.

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Weight 10 oz

This Wood Therapy Tools Set offers the perfect combination to address various massage needs and body contouring goals:

Comprehensive Coverage: With the Wooden Dice Massage Roller, you can target smaller, more sensitive areas such as the arms and calves. Its design is optimized for breaking down cellulite and promoting blood flow in these specific regions, ensuring comprehensive relief and rejuvenation.

Enhanced Effectiveness: The Wooden Paddle Massager, also known as the Contouring Board, complements the Dice Roller by offering a solution for larger body areas. Whether you’re focusing on the thighs, abdomen, or back, this versatile massager aids in body contouring and toning by effectively redistributing fat deposits. Its broader surface area ensures efficient coverage, enhancing the effectiveness of your massage and contouring routine.

Versatility in Application: By combining the Dice Roller and Paddle Massager, you have a versatile toolkit at your disposal. Whether you’re targeting smaller, more intricate areas or larger body zones, this set provides the flexibility to address diverse massage needs and body contouring goals with precision and ease.

Seamless Massage The synergy between these two tools ensures a seamless massage experience in your skincare and body contouring routine. By incorporating both the Dice Roller and Paddle Massager, you can create a holistic approach to massage therapy, maximizing the benefits for your overall well-being and aesthetic goals.

This Wood Therapy Tools Set offers a well-rounded solution for individuals seeking to address cellulite, stimulate blood flow, and achieve body contouring and toning. With its combination of the Wooden Dice Massage Roller and Paddle Massager, this set provides versatility, effectiveness, and comprehensive coverage, making it an ideal choice for enhancing your massage experience and achieving your desired aesthetic results.

How do I use the Wooden Dice Massage Roller and Paddle Massager for contouring effectively?

To contour effectively, gently roll the Wooden Dice Massage Roller over smaller areas like arms and calves. For larger areas, use the Paddle Massager in sweeping motions.

Can the Wooden Dice Massage Roller and Paddle Massager help reduce cellulite?

Yes, both tools are effective in reducing cellulite. The Roller breaks down cellulite and stimulates blood flow, while the Paddle Massager aids in contouring.

How often should I use the tools for visible results?

We recommend using them 3-4 times a week for best results in contouring, muscle tone, and cellulite reduction.

Is there a recommended technique for using both tools together?

Start with the Roller on smaller areas, then use the Paddle Massager on larger zones. Incorporate both into your routine for enhanced results.

Are there maintenance tips to keep the tools in good condition?

Clean with mild soap and water after use, air dry thoroughly, and store in a cool, dry place to maintain longevity and hygiene. Check out our blog on how to clean wood therapy tools.

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Set of 2 Wood Therapy Tools: Wooden Dice Massage Roller & Paddle Massager for Contouring